My Rows and Piles of Coins

by Tolowa M. Mollel
illustrated by E.B. Lewis

Genre:  Realistic Fiction

Comprehension Skill – Author’s Purpose

Comprehension Strategy – Story Structure


arranged – put in order

bundles – things tied together

dangerously – in a dangerous way

errands – short trips to do things

excitedly – showing strong feeling

steady – stable, not easily moved

unwrapped – took off the wrapping

wobbled – shook or swayed while moving

Spelling – Vowel Diphthongs ou, ow, oi, oy

1.  proud
2.  shower
3.  hour
4.  amount
5.  voyage
6.  choice
7.  avoid
8.  thousand
9.  prowl
10. employ
11. bounce
12. poison
13. annoy
14. appoint
15. broil
16. however
17. mountain
18. coward
19. turmoil
20. chowder

Cross-Curricular Standards (NM)
Social Studies:
S2-B2E-PO1 – Describe how patterns of culture vary geographically.
S2-B2E-PO2 – Describe how transportation and communication networks are used in daily life.
S4-B4C-PO1 – Understand the purposes of spending and saving money
S4-B4C-PO2 – Identify currency, credit, debit, and checks as the basic exchange in Western Society


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